Diverse in Culture,
Together in Expertise.

With over 600 million people and 800 native languages, Southeast Asia is one of the most culturally diverse regions in the world. As PROI ASEAN, we combine our deep understanding of this diversity to engage our audiences.


The World’s Largest Partnership of Independent PR Agencies

With 75 locally owned, independent consultancies present in 50 countries and 110 cities across the globe, PROI is the world’s largest partnership of PR agencies. Unlike multinational groups, our independent PR agency partners in ASEAN are local professionals who speak the language and are intimately familiar with the customs and cultures of our respective regions.


Localizing Stories for Southeast Asia’s Rising Economies

Family, religion, and racial harmony--these are all values that resonate throughout Asia. Our work goes beyond demographics; we understand, as locals, what it takes to move, inspire, and motivate our audiences.


Share a Coke Campaign

Echo Myanmar

The worldwide phenomenon landed in Myanmar showcasing 100 Burmese names on Coca-Cola cans and bottles, and inviting people to connect in a very unique way. The successful launch event was held in Junction City on July 9th with engaging activities and special collaborations with the beauty blogger Nay Chi Oo, the singers Ah Moon and Ar-T and the dance crew Project K.


Love Tassie

Huntington Communications

Tourism #Tasmania Asia Mission was hosted by the Premier of Tasmania, CEO of Tourism Tasmania, alongside 15 leading Tassie businesses in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to share travel trends and the latest tourism developments from the land down under. The campaign lead more visits and tours, maximising yields and increasing stays.


BMW X3 On a Mission

Imogen PR

BMW’s X models were a huge hit in the Indonesian market. The X product line enjoyed a 21% increase over the previous year - and it is for that reason that BMW Indonesia decided to make 2018 the "Year of the X". The first X model launched for 2018 was the X3 and Imogen PR was the agency of choice for this kick-off event.


Slingshot MNL

M2.0 Communications

In 2015, the Philippines hosted the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit. With only two months to prepare, the DTI turned to M2.0 Communications to handle conference management, public relations, social media, and creative design for the July confab.


Bata for Every Walk of Life

Midas PR

Bata’s new CEO, Alexis Nasard, went on his first international business trip to Thailand in September 2016, as the company is currently working on expanding its presence in the Thai market. Midas made sure that his visit is well remembered through strategic, media invitation and press release distribution, overall organization of the event, and pitching one-one-one interviews with members of the media.


Samsung’s Julian and His Magical Skates

Priority Communications

People are embracing the convenience of working remotely and are becoming ever-more “digital” in their approaches to life. The one device that promotes this is the Samsung Galaxy Note8, a smartphone built for the very purpose of ultimate mobile productivity to drive achievers in doing bigger things in work and life. This exercise was an overall success not just in media coverage, but on social media as well. The campaign generated a total of ~RM3,500,000 PR value, an ROI of 132 times. On social media, “Julian and His Magical Skates” garnered 2million views on YouTube.


Translating know-how
to action

Our local rootedness and market experience combined with our industry expertise allow us to implement specialized communication and PR campaigns throughout Asia.




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To truly connect with a market, brands must know the right publications to tap, the relevant thought leaders to connect with, and the vernacular to communicate in. We’ll be your partner in implementing initiatives that truly resonate with local audiences.


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in a Thriving Region

By 2020, the ASEAN region will rank as the 5th largest economy in the world as it continues to consistently record positive GDP growth. This rapid progression places Southeast Asia at the center of the world’s digitization. For businesses, the time to act is now.

In the region’s evolving landscape, digital and face-to-face experiences are to how audiences consume information. Brands must be on top of the changing tech and communication trends, adapt community-based, high-engagement strategies for young, mobile-centric markets--without taking traditional mediums, like TV and radio, for granted.


Making a Mark in the Industry

Dedication is the key to success, and the passion we put into our work is recognized globally. We continuously strive to make the world a better place through powerful stories and effective communication.


Some of Our Clients

Our relationship with our clients is consistent with our collaborative culture as a close network of PR agencies in Asia. We share each other’s strengths and use our combined experience to our advantage.