About PROI

Largest Partnership
of Independent PR Agencies
in the World

With 75 locally owned, independent consultancies present in 50 countries and 110 cities across the globe, PROI is the world’s largest partnership of PR agencies.

We immerse ourselves into the nuances of local media to identify market opportunities, as well as steer clients away from crises. Unlike multinational groups, we consist of local professionals who speak the language and are intimately familiar with the customs and cultures of our respective regions.


Setting Global Standards in Public Relations

As independents, firms of PROI Worldwide stimulate and reinforce best practices. Partners meet regularly to discuss maintaining the highest of standards, conduct integrated training, and share work on behalf of mutual clients.




Cross-Cultural Campaigns
by Regional Leaders

PROI ASEAN is currently composed of six agencies, combining more than (20+) years of industry experience across 13 sectors. Run by over 250 communications experts and employees, we share strengths and local knowledge to deliver wide-reaching, meaningful campaigns in Southeast Asia.

We believe it takes home-grown teams to genuinely take on the diverse ASEAN market. As independents, we plan and roll out localized campaigns that align clients’ business goals with the regional market.



A Convergence of Southeast Asia’s Leading PR Agencies


Echo Myanmar Communications

Before 2012, media in Myanmar was regulated by the state. The government has since lifted its censorship policies, causing a pivotal change in the country’s communications landscape. This recent shift means brands need a deep understanding of the market’s sensitivities to properly communicate with their audiences. Echo Myanmar navigates this challenge by combining international expertise with local insights to create campaigns that make a difference in their clients' businesses.

Huntington Communications

The digital capital of Asia, Singapore ranks as the world’s most digitally connected country. Tech aside, brands doing business in the country need to communicate with themes that resonate with society such as family, racial harmony, and community integration. Huntington's team of experts work together to identify issues that matter most to businesses and offer counsel to protect and enhance brand reputation in a highly digital nation.

Imogen Indonesia

With online media on the rise in Southeast Asia’s largest economy, brands need to understand that digital is just as important as traditional platforms. Imogen PR’s expertise is knowing how to engage with local people, media, government, and communities, be it digital or traditional. With a proven track record of serving clients across industries, the agency runs campaigns for start-ups and blue-chip Fortune 500 companies.

Priority Communications PR

Malaysians are well-informed and highly connected, turning to their mobile phones to stay updated with the latest news and to make online purchases. Since 1996, Priority has grown to become one of Malaysia's largest local, independent consultancies. The team uses its strategic business management know-how to provide businesses with value-added, in-depth communication services.

M2.0 Communications

Digital is rapidly expanding across the nation’s archipelago, and this comes with the challenge of integrating brand stories into engaging online content that speaks to the Filipino sense of community. M2.0 uses strategic storytelling and a data-driven approach to create meaningful campaigns that are truly Filipino. The team leverages its long-standing relationships with influencers, insiders, and media to connect clients with the stakeholders that matter.

Midas Communications

While both traditional and digital platforms are relevant in Thailand, the challenge for businesses in the country is to go beyond attaining engagement and positive reactions from social media audiences. MIDAS PR is a leading Public Relations firm in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand with strong local connections. The team’s vast network, international experience, and Swiss quality standards gives them a unique outlook on communications.