About PROI

Largest Partnership of Independent PR Agencies in the World


PROI Worldwide is the world’s oldest and largest partnership consisting of 75 locally owned, independent consultancies. With presence in 50 countries and 110 cities, this network of more than 5,000 PR professionals services over 6,300 clients.

The insight of PROI agencies into the nuances of the local media and culture helps to identify market opportunities, as well as steer clients away from crisis. PROI agencies consist of local professionals who speak the language and are intimately familiar with the customs and cultures of the regions in which they work.

Setting Global Standards in Public Relations

As independents, firms belonging to PROI Worldwide stimulate and reinforce best practices. Partners meet regularly to discuss maintenance of standards, conduct integrated training, and share work on behalf of mutual clients.

PROI agencies form strong links, while the partnership overall establishes the framework for checks and balances. This ensures that PROI agencies are among the best in the market



Cross-Cultural Campaigns by Regional Leaders in Communications


PROI ASEAN is made up of (x) agencies, combining more than (x) years of industry experience across (x) sectors. The regional network is very flexible, with expertise in (x) areas. The group shares strengths and local knowledge, allowing each team to deliver the best campaigns in the region.

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A Convergence of Southeast Asia’s Leading PR Agencies


Echo Myanmar Communications

Myanmar is has a rapidly growing internet and social media user base; it increased by 29% last year.


Imogen Indonesia

Singapore has the highest internet penetration rate among the six countries at 84%


Priority Communications PR

Malaysia is quite tech-savvy; 88% of Malaysian adults use smartphones.


M2.0 Communications

Television is still strong in the Philippines; 97% of the adult population consumes media on the platform.


Huntington Communications

With the largest population in ASEAN, Indonesia also has the most number of internet users at 132.7 million.


Midas Communications

Thais are constantly connected, with 98% of the country’s adult population using mobile phones