Country Profile:



Indonesia’s diversity can be best described by the numbers:  17, 000 islands, 264, 000 citizens, 300, 000 wildlife species,  and 1.5 million years of history. For the outsider, Indonesia’s diversity can foster indifference and division among its people.  

Communication is just as expansive, as Indonesia has over 700 languages actively used up to today, with each region having a different culture. A Balinese joke won’t be as hilarious in Sumatra. But with all these differences, Indonesians still share the same sense of kinship with other Indonesians. They all work towards the same goal--the advancement of the country. Brands and businesses hoping to enter the country need more than just knowing their history or having the same sense of humor. Indonesians look for brands with the same purpose and principles as them--one where they can say, “You and I might be different, but we can build a future together.”



Imogen Indonesia

Indonesia’s multi-ethnic and multi-cultural background translates to the media landscape as well. Imogen Indonesia have helped countless brands navigate through the country’s dynamic market.

Centered on the idea that people buy relations, stories, and magic, the agency has produced work that reflects the vibrant cultures of Indonesia. With its deep knowledge of the people, as well as experts from different industries,  Imogen have produced talk-of-the- town campaigns. The team relentlessly tries to redefine what being Indonesian means--focusing on each unique facet of the country with every campaign. They are driven to continually push the boundaries of the agency, as well as the industry.


Suharjo Nugroho

As his favorite quote by Seth Godin said, Suharjo believes in the power of relations, story, and magic. He uses this belief in building campaigns for Imogen. One of his projects--Magnum Case Indones--became the most viral Indonesia PR Campaign. As managing director, he cultivates the talent of his team, and lets them work on their own expertise. On his spare time, he gives back to the community by doing social work for orphans and poor families.


Arif Tritura

Arif hopes to spread  the importance of proper communications and PR in businesses.  Using his experience as a journalist, Arif incorporates local details in his work, and knows all too well the importance of telling stories that people or communities see themselves in. Aside from work, he spends most of his time learning new things and playing various sports. His favorite books are 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The Power of Positive Feeling.



Wahyuningrat doesn’t believe in the impossible. He charges work with energy to address crises and issues of clients. In his 15 years in communications,  he has mastered the art of crafting the perfect solution for complex issues in the Indonesian market. His long-standing reputation in the industry helps him solve the many problems at work. He winds down by writing and travelling. With anything possible, Wahyuningrat is driven by his work in Imogen, hoping to address communication problems and stakeholder issues.