With its strategic location in between mainland and maritime Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers a unique perspective that captures the soul of the ASEAN region. The country is a blend of new and old, a harmony of tradition and modernity. The lush landscape is dotted with timeless monuments and soaring skyscrapers.

Malaysians are heavily reliant on mobile, with a 131.8% rate of use nationwide. This fondness for tech has led to international app-based brands like Grab, HonestBee, and Mobile Legends taking industry-leading positions in Malaysia. But Malaysians are also deeply rooted to tradition, with a big portion of the population still preferring cash transactions. These contrasts are what makes the country truly Malaysian--a balance of the old and new. Their unique way of communicating and going about their lives creates a distinct flavor that no one else but them can capture.



Priority Communications PR

A company can’t succeed in the Malaysian market without knowing the people--their thoughts, situations, and daily life.  And there is no one size, no one layer for Malaysians. They are distinct in themselves as well. Priority Communications know this all too well.

Through crises and evolving industries, Priority Communications has stood the test of time by being fully committed to serving the Malaysian populace.  With over 20 years in PR, the agency considers themselves as a success by having worked with business that are now today’s top Malaysian powerhouses.


Elaine Chuah

Elaine finds fulfilment in witnessing things grow. She built Priority Communications from the ground up during the peak of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, and has seen it grow to become Malaysia’s largest PR consultancy firm. Focused on technology, lifestyle-luxury, and corporate PR, Elaine seeks to make Priority the communications firm of the future. She creates campaigns that challenge and innovate the industry to go along with the evolution of the Malaysian market and culture.


Karen Lim

Karen believes in the power of listening. Great campaigns, effective teams, and lasting relationships are built from attentive communication which she has channeled into her work. She leads the team on communications consulting and PR positioning campaigns for lifestyle and corporate brands. Having worked under the local media, Karen knows how to navigate the in and outs of the industry. In her downtime, Karen spends most of her time cooking, reading, and catching up on the latest Netflix shows.


Ashley Lim

In every war, there are winners and losers, take the Greeks and Trojans in the Iliad for example. And just like in his favorite book, Ashley sees successes and failures in the PR industry as well. Ashley has worked with a multitude of brands and helped them overcome their struggles to win in the Malaysian market. He has over twenty years of experience servicing the technology, healthcare, and financial services industries. After work, he unwinds by reading or cheering for his favorite soccer team.


Foo Mei Ling

Fei leads the lifestyle team into coming up with creative and strategic campaigns for brands. With years of experience writing for top Malaysian magazines, she has a knack for bringing fresh perspectives to old narratives. Fei approaches work with a glocal mindset--envisioning the direction of the company as a global brand would, but adding local flavor to strategies. She values teamwork immensely, building both long-lasting and  genuine relationships with clients and media.


Livan Bai

Livan lives for the constant evolution of the media landscape--from traditional to digital, bloggers to influencers--and the limitless potential of the future. Growing up in a multicultural household, she understands the importance of the cultural aspects of the brands she works with. Whenever she isn’t in the office, you can find Livan travelling or reading a book. Some of her favorites are Gift of Imperfection and Something Scary on Spotify.


Amelyn Ang

Amelyn manages clients from the fashion, luxury, retail, tourism, and skincare industries as account director. Her work allows her to come up with innovative angles for problems faced by both local and global clients. Her accounting background lets her zoom in on the tiniest details in a campaign to help connect brands’ to their audiences. This has led to campaigns that truly feel authentic and genuine. To unwind from work, Amelyn enjoys travelling, ballroom dancing, and reading.