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With almost 90% of the Burmese population practicing Buddhism, it’s no surprise that spirituality holds a very strong influence on society. Religion has shaped Myanmar’s values since the 1st century, and it remains at the center of the country’s  rich culture.

Despite the recent developments in press freedom and technology, Myanmar’s connection to Buddhism remains strong. In fact, you’ll notice the religion’s links to the Burmese way of life, be it tradition, language, arts, literature, architecture, education, and politics.


Buddhism is so ingrained in the people of Myanmar that it shows in their conservative attitude towards interaction. Indirect communication, for example, is more accepted by the Burmese; in a local context, it would be better to use “we” instead of “you” when confronting someone.

Much like its own religion, Myanmar can be quite complex, but enlightening--as soon as you understand, respect, and appreciate its ways.



Echo Myanmar

With its strong grasp of Burmese subtleties, Echo Myanmar has become the most awarded PR company in the country.

Made up of over 50 brilliant minds, Echo Myanmar is the largest PR firm in the nation. They are the most complete public relations and integrated communications agency in Myanmar, with the ability to reach wide audiences across any channel.

Lead by thought leaders in international PR, social media, and digital, the team plans and executes insight-driven initiatives, specializing in corporate/brand reputation, engagement, and experience. Echo Myanmar ensures that their campaigns make a difference in the lives of the people, as well as the businesses of clients.


Anthony Larmon  

Anthony's curiosity and experimental nature puts him in the perfect situation: he is able to break conventions and apply a global mindset to a local market that has plenty of room for experimentation. Having worked in public relations agencies all his life, Anthony has become a master of mixing creativity with strategic thinking. He knows how powerful this combination can be, and has won multiple awards in his career with it. Aside from constantly brewing up the next “big” idea, Anthony places heavy importance on media ethics and justice.