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In Filipino, there’s a prefix—KA—that means “shared.” Kapatid-siblings, Kababayan-countrymen, Kaibigan—friend. Filipinos value this sense of community so they keep on finding newer ways to connect with each other. And although about 76% of the population can understand English, a vast majority still prefer to communicate with their native tongue.


Successful brands that have entered the Philippine market took note of this kind of patriotism. Many Filipinos are aware of global brands and trends. However, they only capture the heart of the nation when brands take part in everyday experiences of the people. So localization campaigns focus on integrating the Filipino spirit by working with Filipino artists or using native languages and cultures. It’s not enough to merely translate global campaigns into the local market. For Filipinos, they must call it home.



Meaningful stories are at the forefront of everything at M2.0 Communications. These are stories that create change for society and build long-lasting trust between brands and their audiences. More than just storytellers, they’re data gatherers constantly listening to conversations about your brand online, analysts that use data as the backbone of their work, co-creators with influencers who can promote your brand best, and reporters who engage with your audiences to bring feedback to you.

They turn your brand inside out, flip it over and back to achieve the best possible angle to get your message across. M2.0 doesn’t settle for the same old stories. They tell stories that take your brand to the very heart of Filipino society--they bring your brands home.


Doy Roque

Doy is the chief storyteller and founder of M2.0 Communications. He began his career as a journalist with the Manila Times, where he first realized how information and stories can profoundly affect communities. This interest in the relationship between data and narratives led him to first establish Media Meter, a pioneering local media intelligence platform. He later established M2.0--now one of the Philippines’ leading PR/digital agencies. He continuously works with our media analytics team to create tools that will help monitor and measure our social media campaigns. This gives our work leverage against others and better value for the clients.


Rica Oquias

Inspired by Ayn Rand’s “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me”, Rica pushes through boundaries to share stories worth telling. She has her finger on the pulse of the digital world and understands how the latest tools can be best used to optimize campaigns. She possesses a keen mind for shifting consumer preferences and was instrumental in the success of award-winning campaign for Merck Sharp & Dohme’s ‘A New Hope’ project.


David Castillo

A campaign strategist by trade, a storyteller by heart--David believes in telling stories that can have a bigger impact on the world. He is driven by ideas and strives to challenge outdated mindsets. This has resulted in award-winning campaigns for healthcare, technology, and government. In his downtime, he listens to Planet Money for new insights and strategies.


Karlo Cleto

Karlo strives to use communications as a tool to further human development. He hopes to develop a larger sense of purpose for the projects he manages. Inspired by the books The Rest is Noise and Capitalist Realism, Karlo knows all too well the importance of research and analytics in telling genuine and truthful stories.  


RJ Gomez

RJ has over 5 years of experience in developing content for business, tech, and lifestyle firms. As the head of the Content Team, he optimizes and develops every campaign--making sure they’re on-brand and aligned with business objectives. RJ sees himself as a man of the people--one who can empathize with the Filipino.