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Ask any Singaporean how their nation became one of the most developed countries in such a short time, and the answer would always boil down to one thing: racial harmony.

From a nation undergoing political and racial turmoil, Singapore turned itself into an economic powerhouse through the collaboration and unity of its multi-ethnic population. During its rise, its people shared the same hope of a better Singapore; citizens have brought this into existence by working not as Chinese, Malay, Indian, or any other identity--but as Singaporean.  

Racial harmony is a value that continues to persist in Singaporean society. It’s a recurrent but essential theme in media, public relations, and marketing. Today, the nation is a living testament to how people of different backgrounds can achieve greatness, a goal the ASEAN community continuously strives for.



Huntington Singapore

Founded in 1997, Huntington Communications knows all about this sense of unity Singaporeans uphold dearly.

Leveraging this knowledge into integrated branding and communications, the agency has implemented campaigns that have resonated with locals and expats alike. Huntington is a proven expert in localizing global campaigns and vice versa, constantly shaping conversations to build stories that matter. The team formulates strategies that string up local relevance, without losing the essence of the campaign.

The firm’s campaigns are recognized industry-wide, winning the Sabre Awards, Mumbrella Awards, IKEA Young Designers’ Awards, and Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards, among others.

Huntington prides itself as being comprised of thinkers for iconic brands, and for those wishing to become one.


Lena Soh

Lena co-founded Huntington Communications and has steered the company from a two-person team to one of the most successful integrated comms practice today. Under her leadership, Huntington consistently wins Brand, CSR, and Communications awards every year. When she previously served as President of the Institute of Public Relations Singapore (IPRS), Lena was recognized by the industry with a Lifetime Achievement Award. She currently serves as a Board member of the PROI and is also the Vice-chair of APAC at PROI.


Charmaine Lau

Charmaine might be at an early stage of her career but she already has a deep understanding of  the kind of content that resonates within the local market. With this knowledge, Charmaine has the ability to craft memorable campaigns around brands, especially those in the tourism and hospitality industry. She strongly believes  that “who you are is defined by what you’re willing to struggle for,” and brings this inspiring attitude when working alongside her team. Charmaine makes sure to express her endless creativity when planning for brand initiatives and driving business objectives. During her free time she loves to read self-improvement books and immerse herself in sci-fi shows or psychological thrillers.