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Distinctly Thai, the wai is a prayer-like gesture similar to the bow in East Asian cultures. Used as a greeting, sign of apology, or show of trust, the wai is a practical, yet meaningful expression. It's not just a means of communication; it represents the Thai way of life, and symbolizes Thai values. Calmness, subtlety, respect, tolerance and love for country--each one can be conveyed with a simple wai.

Deeply ingrained in local life, the wai is just one of the many cultural nuances in Thailand. To truly connect with the market, brands need to understand the traditions, mindsets, and habits that define its people. It's about instilling the feeling of Kreng Jai, or consideration of others, in a press release. It's adopting the concept of Sanuk, or fun for the sake of fun, in a comms campaign. Much like the wai, brands will need to express themselves in a way that is genuinely Thai.



Midas PR

MIDAS PR is a leading Public Relations firm in the heart of Thailand with strong connections and a deep, cultural perspective of the country. Blending local knowledge and Swiss quality standards to its work, MIDAS provides invaluable insights on the Thai communications landscape.

The agency's mission is to tell your story and build trust. For MIDAS, the most valuable aspect of strategy is not always deciding what to do, but what not to do, because a great strategy limits all distractions.


Karin Lohitnavy   

As Master Connector, Karin translates her multi-cultural background in the Thai and Asian markets to build powerful networks between her clients. She founded the Midas PR Group after honing her skills in Luxemburg and refining her approach in Thailand. Karin stands out in the industry with her deep local knowledge paired with international flair. She is fluent in English, French, Greek, German, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Italian, and Latin, with 15 years of experience covering several industries including lifestyle, travel, real estate, and luxury brand.