Localizing Stories for Southeast Asia’s Rising Economies

Family, religion, and racial harmony--these are all values that resonate throughout Southeast Asia. Our work goes beyond demographics; we understand, as locals, what it takes to move, inspire, and motivate our audiences.

Share a Coke Campaign

Era Myanmar
The worldwide phenomenon landed in Myanmar showcasing 100 Burmese names on Coca-Cola cans and bottles, and inviting people to connect in a very unique way. The successful launch event was held in Junction City on July 9th with engaging activities and special collaborations with the beauty blogger Nay Chi Oo, the singers Ah Moon and Ar-T and the dance crew Project K.


Love Tassie

Huntington Communications
Tourism #Tasmania Asia Mission was hosted by the Premier of Tasmania, CEO of Tourism Tasmania, alongside 15 leading Tassie businesses in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to share travel trends and the latest tourism developments from the land down under. The campaign lead more visits and tours, maximising yields and increasing stays.


BMW X3 on a Mission

BMW’s X models were a huge hit in the Indonesian market. The X product line enjoyed a 21% increase over the previous year - and it is for that reason that BMW Indonesia decided to make 2018 the "Year of the X". The first X model launched for 2018 was the X3 and Imogen PR was the agency of choice for this kick-off event.