Making Global Local,
Making Local Global

As leading PR Agencies in Asia, our services are at the cutting edge of technology, adapted to the changes in the current media landscape. We utilize innovative tools and strategies to ensure that we deliver world-class results for our clients’ regional and local campaigns.


Community Relations

The sense of community is heavily integrated in the history and culture of Southeast Asian nations. Modern  communities are just as resilient with the rise of platforms like Facebook that allows constant communication between families and friends. In order to survive in these markets, communities need to trust your brand. Our top PR agencies help get your brand get into their inner circles through social listening. You can use the feedback gained to fine-tune your local campaigns according to the needs and concerns of these communities.


Consumer Campaigns

The Southeast Asian local market is changing, driven by the growing consumer class of the region. Most of their purchases are motivated by convenience, with consumers looking for easier ways to shop. And convenience products are gaining popularity among startups. Businesses dealing with food delivery, car hailing, grocery pickups, and other similar services are among the most recognized brands in the region.


Corporate Communications

Southeast Asia is brimming with different people, cultures, and stories. And this translates to corporate settings as well. In each country, there are various do’s and don'ts that affect how companies communicate. Unlike their western counterparts, Southeast Asian executives use large-scale communication initiatives like press briefings to communicate major changes within the company.  PROI agencies navigate the many unwritten rules in the region through strategies that fit the demands and expectations of each country.


Crisis & Issues Management

In today’s multi-connected world, bad press can spread like wildfire. To avoid the negative consequences this can bring to your brand, our team identifies potential problems through careful monitoring and analysis of news and posts about you. We find solutions for these problems to mitigate the attention, or execute a prompt and effective response in case a crisis has already erupted.


Events Management

Each country is different when it comes to their events--the Philippines likes weekday events while Singapore prefers them at night. We handle the nitty-gritty planning and strategizing in order for you to reach the direction you want for your brand. Impress people more by showing astounding performances by homegrown acts or using native materials for the setup. Or tap the local influencers who can best add meaning to your brand and who your guests recognize and respect.


Experiential Marketing

With our extensive creative team, we come up with strategic executions allows consumers to experience your product or service. Experiential marketing ensures that your target audience forms a strong impression of your brand. We constantly engage with your audience and showcase your product or service in innovative ways.


Reputation Management

People trust reviews and posts online, and maintaining a good internet reputation is paramount to your brand’s survival.  We make sure that your business is at the top of its game on whatever platform it’s on. We track and monitor negative posts about you to manage public perceptions.


Social Media Management

ASEAN countries have up to 52% penetration rate of social media, greater than the 42% of the global average. But despite how strong social media is in ASEAN, the region faces several roadblocks on connectivity. Each country uses different messaging tools for communication. Some countries favor WhatsApp, others prefer Messenger, while some use Viber. Each agency in their home country takes these roadblocks into consideration and uses the local market’s strengths to strategize your brand’s social media campaigns in the country.


Stakeholder Management

As a network of the best PR agencies in Asia we’ll help you create content that builds brand transparency for your stakeholders. By executing proactive communication strategies, we communicate your team’s accountability to your investors and communities.